2 December 2018 (last update: 2 December 2018 at 016:40 hrs)

3rd Party Software


Safe-Tec payed a 3rd party company a hefty monthly fee to use a "one size fits all" Sales Rep software, which did not communicate with the software for retail sales on the Safe-Tec website. Safe-Tec handled two different systems and updated the stock manually. As this software was not custom written for Safe-Tec, it offered excessive options, resulting in a complicated system no Sales Rep wanted to use. Safe-Tec entered each wholesale manually as Sales Reps called in with their order.


Cakewalk Software


Cakewalk Websites wrote custom software, tailored specifically to Safe-Tec's needs. Retail and wholesale purchases are now seamlessly handled by the same software and processed through the same payment gateway, saving substantially on administrative and bookkeeping expenses. The stock is automatically updated with each sale.


Sales Representatives


Cakewalk Websites added a Sales Rep login in the footer of the Safe-Tec website. Sales Reps place wholesale orders directly via the website and add/edit dealers on their personalized backend. Details for each sale are entered in the database and a PDF invoice is generated on the server and sent to the dealer.




Authorized dealers log into the Safe-Tec website and place wholesale orders directly.


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