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Why should I avoid using Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer has always been the world's worst browser.

Setting The Standard


The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), the international standards organization for the World Wide Web, streamlines code in an effort to make life for web designers and internet users easy.

It's common sense that nozzles at gas pumps around the country are the same, that electrical outlets are the same, that you can use your phone throughout the country or that all traffic lights have the same colors all over the world.

Microsoft's doesn't think so, they set their own standards and hope the world will follow. As a result, IE has been hopelessly late to keep up with innovation and is always outdated in comparison with other browsers like Safari, FireFox, Google Chrome and Opera.

Homeland Security


Homeland Security has issued many warnings about the danger of using IE. IE is prone to viruses and worms, spyware and adware and renders web pages incorrectly. Besides being the slowest browser, IE has web designers spend extra time so that their code works with IE, driving up the cost of web design and slowing down the internet.

Please, stop using Internet Explorer and help us make a better internet.

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