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What's the difference between a website, a domain name a my hosting plan?

5 January 2015 (last update: 5 January 2015 at 08:16 hrs)

Let's use an analogy to explain this. If your business is a clothing boutique (the clothing, clothing racks, cash register, mirrors, shop furniture...) then that's your website. You need to rent a space (e.g. 100 Main Street) for your boutique, that's your server (hosting). You need to have a phone number, that's your domain name.

That same space (100 Main Street) or server can hold another business (website), like a restaurant. You can move your boutique (website) to another location (e.g. 200 Washington Ave), another server, and keep the same phone number (domain name) just as you can keep your business in the same location (100 Main Street) but change the phone number (domain name).

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