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What's the difference between a mobile website and an app?

5 January 2015 (last update: 15 May 2015 at 16:38 hrs)

The Difference


A website runs in a browser. Today, all new websites are responsive and adapt to all screen sizes, so one does not use the term "mobile" website anymore.

An app is an applications, a program, that has to be downloaded and installed and communicates with the server, just like a website. People only download apps for something they use a lot, e.g. online banking.

One only needs an app if the app uses some of the mobile device's functionality, like GPS, gyroscope or the camera.

Benefits Of A Website


Websites work on any mobile platform (Apple'S IOS and Google's Android).

Websites are much cheaper to develop than an app.

Websites are a lot cheaper to maintain than an app.

Websites can be found by search engines

There is no need for a third party distributor, like Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store.

Websites are ready to go the moment a visitor accesses it.

There is no need to download updates.

The content is managed from your content manager.

Drawbacks Of A Website


Websites cannot access all of the smartphone's native functionality (e.g. camera & gyroscope).

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