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How important are colors in web design?

29 March 2017 (last update: 4 January 2018 at 10:02 hrs)

Colors Set The Mood


Colors have the ability to influence people's mood and are unconsciously associated with certain meanings and emotions. So how does that translate to web design? Choosing the right colors is as important. Colors and graphics determine your visitor's first impression.

The association of certain moods to certain colors as described below is only true for Western culture. As an example, in the Western world, on the stock exchange, green numbers are gains and red numbers are losses. It's the exact opposite in most Asian countries, like China.

In the Western world, black is the color of mourning, but in Buddhist countries, like Cambodia or Myanmar, white is the color of mourning.



Red is mostly associated with love, passion, excitement, danger, action, warning, adventure, desire, impulse, heat, fire, stop, anger and intensity.



Orange is most commonly associated with comfort, warmth, creativity, fun, youth, enthusiasm, celebration and in web design, it's also associated with affordability.



Yellow is associated with liveliness, energy, curiosity, joy, playfulness, optimism, sunlight, gold, idealism. However, it can also create feelings of frustration, anger and illness. It's tiering to the eyes but great for important details.



Green is most often associated with nature, health, life, harmony, tranquility, good luck, money, optimism, durability and freshness. It's also a symbol of fertility and has a calming effect.



Blue is the color preferred by most people, especially by men. It is associated with calmness, serenity, peacefulness, security, stability, honor, trust, professionalism, success, seriousness and power.



Purple has been traditionally associated with power, royalty, nobility, wealth, luxury, wisdom, spirituality, magic, mystery, dreams and fantasy as well as with ambiguity and uncertainty.



Pink is usually associated with tenderness, romance, love, youth, innocence and softness and is known to have a calming effect. The effects of this color may vary depending on its intensity.



Brown is a natural color which is associated with relaxation, endurance, reliability, confidence, warmth, comfort and security and is considered to be conventional.



Grey is mostly associated with neutrality and indifference and leaves the impression of seriousness and conservatism.



White is commonly associated with purity and innocence. It's also associated with cleanliness, simplicity and freshness.



Black is considered, a stylish and elegant color, especially in web design. It is also associated with sophistication, strength, mystery, depth, gloom, death, and unhappiness. Black or dark websites are tricky, they have to be done right. They require larger font with more space between text lines.

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