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How can I promote my website?

15 September 2015 (last update: 17 September 2015 at 10:52 hrs)

Register Your Website With Online Directories


Registering your website with online directories doesn't only increase the chance that potential customers will find you, it also helps your SEO by linking your website to those directories. Registering your website with online directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Angie's List, Superpages or YellowBook is free and will drive traffic to your website.

Some online directories specialize in certain professions. As an example,, Legal Match and FindLaw are lawyer directories. Directory Restaurant, List Restaurant and Local Restaurants Directory are directories for restaurants. Find out if there are directories that specialize in your field of business and register your website.

Use Social Media To Drive Traffic To Your Website


Consider social media websites as pools to fish in. Swing that rod and throw a line with some bate. The bate is not a full meal, it's just enough food to catch the fish. Always have more information on your website than on any social media website. There has to be a reason for people to visit your website. There is no reason to visit your website if all the information is on your social media.

Write catchy titles with a few lines of text to introduce the article. Then, write "read more on my website" as a link if the social media website allows you to do so. If not, write "discover new recipes on my website" or "visit my website for pricing" or "find free tips on my website" to drive traffic away from your social media towards your website.

If the social media website allows you to, link images to your website instead of just posting an image. Make that image clickable and drive those potential clients to your website.

Do An Online Contest Or Challenge


Target your biggest customer base and launch a challenge or contest or sponsor another company's challenge or contest. If you sell custom printed t-shirts and your customer base is young skaters, launch a contest for the best skate picture and offer a few free t-shirts as prize. Have participants "like" your Facebook page in order to take part in the contest. A good contest with the right customer base can easily rack up a few hundred "likes".

Do not contact the winner by e-mail or phone. Announce the winner on your website. This way, all participants will visit your website (yet again) to check if they've won. The more visits, the higher your search engine ranking.

Add A Link To Your Website On Your Email Signature


Add a link "Visit Our Website" or a clickable company logo with a link to your website in the signature on all your emails. This is yet another way to drive people to your website. The more people click to visit your website, the better for your SEO.

Add A Blog To Your Website


Let's say you're a professional makeup artist. Offer tips on eyeliner or lipstick. Advise on how to apply makeup for people with a round face or a long face, short hair or long hair.

If you're a lawyer, write articles about what to do if you are pulled over by an officer or about your rights when interrogated or arrested.

Think about topics people will search for on Google or other search engines and make sure the title of your blog articles contain the keywords people will use when searching information you write about in your articles.

Offer Coupons On Your Website


Are you a hair stylist? Do you own a restaurant? Offering coupons on your website for a discount will drive traffic to your website as you give your potential clients yet another reason to keep visiting your website, which helps your search engine rankings.

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