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Do spelling errors influence online sales?

3 January 2017 (last update: 3 January 2017 at 15:09 hrs)

Spelling errors cost billions in lost revenue.


Figures suggest a single misspelling can half online sales. Spelling mistakes put off potential clients who are concerned about the credibility of the website.

U.S. Online sales reached $394.86 billion in 2016. That's 15.6% more than 2015. It is the highest increase since 2013 when online sales rose 16.5% over 2012. This gives you an idea how a lack of confidence can result in billions of dollars in lost revenue.



Clients must trust your website before using their credit card. Seems reasonable, right? With concerns about fraud and safety, spelling or grammar errors can be killer issues.

"If a business does not insure products are advertised correctly, why should I trust their website or their product?"

What to do?


Let your text sit for a while and read it again with fresh eyes the next day or after taking a break.

Ask someone else to read your text and have them check for errors. Two brains are far better than one.

Do not rely entirely on your text editor's spell check. It will never spot the grammar error in "they spent there money".

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