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Do I need an SEO expert?

5 January 2015 (last update: 18 May 2015 at 10:34 hrs)

No You Don't


If your website is missing important code to optimize search engine indexing, your web designer did a bad job. If your website is old, you're better off investing in a new and responsive website that has up to date code.

SEO's Three Categories


  1. good code
  2. good content
  3. good promotion


Some Good SEO Practices.


  • Write quality content. (good content)
  • Write fresh content on a regular basis. (good content)
  • Write good headings that contain key words. (good content)
  • Write well structured content with the right headings. (good content & good code)
  • Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. (good code)
  • Make sure your website has microdata. (good code)
  • Make sure you have no broken links. (good code)
  • Upload an xml sitemap. (good code)
  • Register your website with all major search engines. (good promotion)
  • Register your website with major online directories, e.g. Yellow Pages and Yelp. (good promotion)
  • Add links to your website on other websites. (good promotion)
  • Make use of social media. (good promotion)


Although you do need a company like Cakewalk Websites to take care of all the above (with the exception of social media), there are no secrets to SEO as Google (and other search engines) publishes their webmaster guidelines for all the world to see. SEO is pretty straight forward, there is no magic or mystery.

Empty SEO Promises


If someone promises you'll appear on the first page of Google, it's a scam. If there are 80 restaurants in your city paying to be on the first page of Google, how does that work knowing there are only 20 listings per page?

SEO, An Accumulative Effort


A website with all the wrong and outdated code could rank first simply because it's been online for fifteen years. You could pay for a year's worth of SEO services, only to find Google changed it's algorithm and you wasted your money.

SEO, Don't Cheat The System


Some "SEO guru's" illicit practices may lead to your site being removed entirely from Google. You cannot pay to cheat the system. You have to do the work and follow the guidelines. Cakewalk Websites builds websites with all the necessary code to optimize search engine indexing and uploads your content in a well structured hierarchy.

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