Frequently Asked Questions


7 January 2015 (last update: 15 May 2015 at 09:49 hrs)

The number of tablet users is skyrocketing. Millions of people are online with a tablet, at home or on the go. Tablet sales will keep increasing in the near future according to experts. Visitors to your website expect a user friendly experience on their tablet. So do you need to worry about the layout of your website on tablets? Yes!

You do need to ensure tablet users have a positive experience. Keep in mind tablets have smaller screens and lack a mouse. Contrary to desktops and laptops, tablets can be held in landscape mode (horizontal) or in portrait mode (vertical). Tablets also require a simpler layout, larger buttons, and a bigger font.

Tablet users are more likely to be on the go and they are looking for quick information. When visitors do not have a pleasant and user friendly experience when visiting your website, or if they don't like the layout, chances are they will click away and you'll be missing out on potential customers.

Your best option is a responsive website for a good viewing experience on any device.

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