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$1600 - $10000




You need a company to handle payments. Even if you have your own shopping cart and checkout, you still need a company that will handle the credit card information.

  • Is the credit card valid?
  • Is there money on the card?
  • Is the card stolen?
  • Does the card number match the name?
  • Does the expiration date match the card?
  • Is the security code valid?

PayPal is the most popular payment method in the world and offers credit card handling for websites with their own shopping cart and checkout. Therefor, we partner with PayPal.


PayPal charges the average rate of 2.9% on sales and $30 a month. This is not included in our pricing.


Our clients sign up with PayPal and create and manage their account.

Cart & Checkout With PayPal


We place your PayPal buttons on your website. When a client clicks on "BUY" or "ADD TO CART", the client leaves your website and is redirected to PayPal. The client will have the option to either check out or continue shopping.


The client can either pay with a PayPal account or any of the major credit cards.


We do not charge for this setup if the amount of products on your website is less than twenty.

Cart & Checkout On Your Website


With a fully integrated custom online store with shopping cart and checkout, your clients never leave your website.


The price for e-commerce with fully integrated store is hard to ballpark. These are many variables that influence pricing.



Our custom online stores cost around $5000 on average.