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Terms And Conditions



Cakewalk Websites builds your website on our server upon payment of 50% down payment of the total agreed price. We update our clients with every major step in the building proccess. We migrate your website to your server upon payment of the remaining 50%. By paying the down payment, clients agree to our quote and our terms and conditions.


Money Back Guarantee

Cakewalk Websites' top priority is our customer's satisfaction. We fully refund customers who are not satisfied with the functioning of their website.


A refund must be requested within 60 days after placing your order and sent by e-mail or by using our e-mail contact form. We reserve the right to resolve any problems within two weeks after receiving your request for a refund.


Due to the labor intensive nature of our products, only valid claims for refunds shall be approved. We reserve the right to refuse any refund at our own discretion should we determine that a client is not providing valid reasons for a refund or is abusing our money back guarantee policy.


This policy is not intended to provide clients with a free trial.