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Our Services

Cakewalk Websites provides a one stop full service online marketing solution, helping our clients to stand out, while delivering a solid product within a reasonable budget. Cakewalk Websites makes your life easy by handling all aspects of a successful online presence.


We serve customers in Temecula, Murrieta, Riverside, Corona, Lake Elsinore, Riverside County, throughout the U.S. and abroad.


Why Cakewalk Websites?

Most of our clients tried their luck with a template website. They were told it's easy to personalize a template and watched countless tutorial videos only to realize there is more to building a website than adding text and images to a webpage.


It takes talent, experience and knowledge to write good content, find the right words, the perfect layout, the matching images, the right font and the right colors to assure your website stands out and convinces potential customers that you are their best option.


Business owners change their mind. Companies grow, adding products and expanding their services. Template websites can't grow with your business, they are a "one size fits all". A custom website leaves all options open.


While most web design companies build websites using open source software like Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress (which don't require knowledge of code and are prone to hacking), we build our websites from the ground up writing custom code. This not only ensures our full understanding of your website's functions, but enables us to write custom applications to meet your specific needs.

Our Style

We design websites with an inviting mood and a thorough understanding of what visually makes a visitor stay or leave. Our clutter free designs are pleasing to the eye and create a peaceful setting to present your products and services. Cakewalk Websites offers an alternative to companies that want to stand out with a tasteful and user friendly website that is unique to their company.


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." (Leonardo da Vinci 1452 - 1519)


Our Company

We are a creative design house that specializes in websites, web solutions and online marketing strategies for your business. We are located in Temecula, California but serve customers all over the U.S. and abroad.


Cakewalk websites builds search engine friendly and responsive websites that are compliant with the latest code requirements, without compromising visual design. We study and understand market and consumer trends and create a marketing strategy that fits your business.


Our Process


  1. We listen to our customer's ideas, wishes and needs.
  2. We study our clients' market and analyse their competitors' website.
  3. We propose ideas for a structure, a style and a direction.
  4. The development of the website is initiated.
  5. We consult our clients with every step in the development.
  6. Content is added to the website once the structure and layout is completed.
  7. The website goes "live" when our client is 100% satisfied.