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Debbie Watson Hair & Makeup

Cakewalk Websites

Debbie Watson St Louis, MO


Excellent service. I have a beautifully custom designed site to showcase my hair and makeup business. Cakewalk Websites went above and beyond. They were always accessible, very creative and knowledgeable. You can check out their work on my site. Im completely satisfied.


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A Website Is The Face Of A Company
Make a great first impression with Cakewalk Websites.

Why Us?
Our business is building your business.


Making a huge impact online has never been easier for hard working business owners like you. We take care of everything concerning your online presence and let you run your business.


With Cakewalk Websites, you gain from our excellent online marketing expertise and our tasteful web design that will generate more clicks, more calls and more income for your business.


Cakewalk Websites is a one stop shop.

What sets us apart?
We write code from the ground up.


Most webdesign companies use open source software such as Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal to create websites. This kind of software requires no code knowledge. Such companies can only work with the building blocks that the software provides. We know code and create our own building blocks.


This software, especially Wordpress, is prone to hacking, mostly through plugins. There are close to 50,000 Wordpress plugins for download. Website companies that use this webdesign software have to rely on the developers of those plugins that their code has no vulnerablitities.


Quite a few of our clients abandoned their Wordpress website after being hacked several times.


Cakewalk Websites is a one stop shop.

Who are our clients?
Leave all your options open.


Most of our clients had a template website and got stuck in a dead end. Your company grows but your "one size fits all" template does not.


What if you want a new feature your template does not offer?


  • You deliver freshly pressed juice and want to offer your clients the possibility to compose their own juice on your website.
  • You add a product to your online store that has different colors and sizes.
  • You are a doctor and want your clients to fill out forms online.
  • You are a plumber and want your employees on the road to log into a database to know what their next job is while providing data about their last job.
  • You want to sell gift cards. You want to offer a discount for certain clients. You want to offer a buy one get one free. You want to offer free shipping for purchases above a certain amount.


Cakewalk Websites builds custom applications for every need.

Make A Great Impression


With Cakewalk Websites


People make snap judgements.  It takes only 1/10th of a second to form a first impression about a person, and websites are no different. It takes about 100 milliseconds for visitors to decide whether they like your site or not, whether they'll stay or leave.


Your website is your online storefront,


it has to be the very best!
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